The Events Page

This is the Palomares 4-H Events Page. We have information and pictures of the fun activities that Palomares 4-H participates.

Horse Field Day


Horse field day was a day of learning, bonding, and outright fun. 4-Hers moved from station to station learning and assessing their knowl-edge. Palomares’ own leader, Joellen Oslund, presented a talk on the anatomy of the hoof and leg. With freeze dried bones available to touch and move, it allowed 4-Hers to learn with their hands. A vet gave a dem-onstration on the signs of a sick horse. 4-Hers listened well because knowing the vital signs of the horse is crucial as a horse owner. Also many exhibitors took a practice medalist test to rank their “horsey” knowledge. Every single 4-Her left that day learning something new that will aide them in becoming better horse owners.

Red Bluff Rabbit Show


On December 18 and 19 Lynn Franks, Colleen Marino and Rebecca Marino went to Red Bluff for a rabbit show. There were over five thousand rabbits. To get to the show it was a four hour drive. As soon as we arrived we unloaded our rabbits in the show room where they stayed for the night. We stayed the night in a hotel room. The next morning we arrived at the show and all of our rabbits were at three different judging tables at the same time. It was crammed. We barely had enough room to sit. There were probably over a thousand people in attendance. We stayed for both the shows and did pretty well and won a couple ribbons. We bedded down the rabbits for the night and went back to our hotel. The next morning we packed up our stuff and decided to stay for the first show only. After our rabbits were done we packed them up and headed home. It was so much fun I didn't want to leave. I cant wait until next year when so we can do it again.

Cow Palace Dog Show


On January 29th and 30th there was a Dog Show at the Cow Palace. On the 29th two of our very own 4-Her's competed, Erin and Ryan Duffy, with their two American Eskimo's Cody and Amethyst. Erin won Best opposite sex and got 1st in Jun-ior Showmanship with her dog Amethyst. Ryan won Best of Breed and got 4th in Junior Showmanship. The next day our own Dog project, consisting of 10 of our members, went to see the show. We learned more about Obedi-ence and Show-manship and got to see a new event that I've never seen before called Fly Ball. We also met many people in the dog world community and even rooted on 4-Hers from other groups from Alameda County. We all had a lot of fun and learned so much from the participants, that we plan to go back again next year and see it all again.

Nativity Scene


Early December we were contacted by Edan Church and they asked if our 4-H club would put on a Nativity Scene with live animals. Mrs. Palmer designed and set up the stable and straw was do-nated by a member of the church. Mem-bers of our 4-H ani-mal projects were willing to bring their animals. We had bunnies, chickens, dogs, and sheep. We wore Sheppard’s costumes and shared our animals with all the kids and their parents. We let them hold the small animals and feed the sheep. We even went in their classroom and talked about 4-H and our animals at the fair. The teen leaders filmed us and put us on YouTube.

Skate Night


Skate night was a night full of dis-guises and fun. Since, it was my first year going I had no idea what to ex-pect. There were a lot of people who dressed up and in-line skated. We played games and listened to good music. I definitely had a blast! Thank you to all the people who came! and I hope to see you again next year as well as new 4hers!

Achievment Night


The Alameda County 4-H members meet in the beginning of the year to award those who worked hard from the previous year. It is a big night because everyone is eager to find out how their record books placed. 4-H stars were also awarded by each club leader to those who are active memembers and participate in leadership, communications, and multiple projects.

First ever Moose Lodge Dog Show


The Moose Lodge held its 1st Annual Dog Show hosted by the Palomares 4 -H dog group. 4 members of the group acted as the judges for the show. The participants were able to enter both a dog showmanship class and costume contest. The showmanship class required the dog and owner to walk around a square, behave while being inspected by the judge and demonstrate pet tricks. The costume contest had many prizes including scariest, cutest and best overall costume.setting up the show ring, the snack area, designing and creating the awards and provided the judges. The group also did dog showmanship demonstrations. Dusty Paws Pet Rescue was also present to display animals up for adoption. Money was raised for the organization via entry fees for the dog show. A good time was had by all while raising money for a good cause!

Del Valle Dog Show


The Palomares Dog Project went to the Delle Valle Dog Show on Sunday, October 24, 2010, held at the Alameda County Fairgrounds in Plea-santon. It was a rainy day and we still had a lot of fun learning about the dogs. We broke up into four teams and did a scavenger hunt game. Team #1 Tommy and Cody, Team #2 Jenny and Jayme, Team #3 Rebecca and Rachael, Team #4 Amanda and Camille. The scavenger hunt was designed so that the teams had to locate at least one breed per AKC Group, locate an official from the event, to recognizing the difference of Rally and Obedience. We had a lot of fun and we were all drenched by the end of the day. We had a tie with the hunt between Team #2 and #4.

2010 Fair Highlights


This year at the Alameda County Fair, the Palomares 4-H group did a fan-tastic job! The projects that entered the fair were Sheep, Dog, Steer, Rab-bit, and Poultry. They all placed and showed wonderfully.

The sheep group did a terrific job this year! They got 5th for pen of three, 2nd in herdsman, and 1st in decorations. They worked really hard this year on decorations and keeping their pens super clean. The people who placed 8th placeor better are listed below: Tess: 8th in market, 8th in intermediate showman-ship Gabby: 1st in market, 8th in advanced showmanship Alameda County. 1st in market Kelly: 1st, 4th, & 5th in market, 1st in interme-diate showmanship, 1st in advanced showman-ship, 1st, 5th, & 7th in bred by exhibitor , 2nd, 3rd, & 5th in breeding, 1st in breeding show-manship.Kyle: 2nd, 4th, & 3rd in mar-ket, 1st in junior showman-ship, 4th, 6th, & 8th in bred by exhibitor Emily:3rd in market, 7th in showmanship Amanda: 3rd & 5th in mar-ket, 2nd in intermediate showmanship, 2nd in ad-vanced showmanship.The dog group showed on one of the hottest days of the summer! It had to be over 100 degrees. The dog project leaders were so proud of the group. Despite the heat, all of the members dressed in full 4-H uniforms & properly repre-sented Palomares 4-H! The places are listed below. Keep up the good work dog group! Erin: 2nd place in senior open showmanship, 2nd in best junior handler Amanda: 3rd in pre- novice B obedience, 5th in senior novice showmanship Emily: 2nd place in pre-novice B obedience Tommy: 3rd place in pre-novice C obedience Jenny: 4th in pre-novice C obedience, 4th in senior novice showmanship Alana: 5th in junior novice showmanship The steer group got through a long show day at the fair success-fully. They had to demonstrate good showmanship and properly promote a good steer during market class on the same day.The steer project saw the best market prices not seen at auction day for years! They had a won-derful year and all their work through out 2010 really paid off! Way to go steer project! The places are shown below. Tess: 8th in market, 3rd in intermediate showmanship Gabby: 1st in market, 2nd in advanced showmanship Overall, the Palomares 4-H group did a great job at the Alameda County Fair this year. The 4-H members really appreciate all those that came out and sup-ported the auction! Thank you buyers!

Moose Lodge Clean Up Day


Skit Night


The Palomares 4-H Skit Project competed on Friday March 26, 2010 in the the Alameda County 4-H SKit Night. The theme was "4-H Live" and Palomares did a version of the Amazing race and competed to get their lamb ready the fastest and most efficent.

Tri Valley Basket Brigade


At the Tri-Valley Basket Brigade on Novemeber 21, 4-Hers went to help assemble food baskets for those who could not normally afford a Thanksgiving dinner. There were people who assmebled the baskets and a select few who would run down to the store and pick up items if some fell short. It was incrdible to see the team work that the 4-Hers had and how they were able to quiclky get the packages wrapped and in trucks.