2013-2014 Projects



2013 - 2014


SHOOTING SPORTS- Archery - Leader:Donna Busch

Learn about archery. Ages 9 and above welcome.


Project size maximum: 8 members. Minimum age: 13

Frequency of meetings: Monthly, along with independent work to meet the project objective while receiving guidance from the leader. Additional guidance will be provided from an outside technical expert in web design and development or the project’s Teen Leader, Amanda.

Requirements: Internet connection and computer available for use at home. Member and parent(s) are willing to load up mandatory software in order to standardize tools for ease of training. (Mozilla Firefox and relative Firefox plug-ins, HTML editor etc…) This course is designed for members who have no HTML code experience up to intermediate users.

For New Members: Objective is to create a web page for the 4-H club website for a specific project that is not currently being maintained. The member may also maintain communications and announcements on an as needed basis. Member will learn how to do basic HTML code.

For Returning Members Objective will be to create their own webpage utilizing CSS and HTML following recognized standards. In addition, maintain their assigned project page, send out announcements and write up events. They will also continue development of the club page by adding enhancements, features and making the site more user friendly.


ROBOTICS: - Jeff Robbins, Leader (510)537-4655



No projects offered at this time.


INDEPENDENT PROJECT - Colleen Marino, Leader

Designed for a member who wants to take a project not offered by the club. If a member wants to do an independent project, I will find an advisor.


BEEF PROJECT - Leader Needed

The overall goals of the market beef project are for the member to gain a working knowledge of the beef industry and the care of beef cattle. A broad range of subjects will be covered in the project meetings. In addition to daily care and feeding, members will learn about cuts of meat, marketing their animals, showing and show preparation and a number of other topics. Through the course of the project year, members will have the opportunity for a number of "hands on" activities, including field days and jackpot shows. Typically, the project culminates with the member showing and selling her project animal at the Alameda County Fair.

The beef project is a lot of fun and potentially, the most financially rewarding of the 4H livestock projects. However, it also requires the largest commitment. Those interested in joining the project for the first time should contact Mollie Plamer as soon as possible for more detailed information about the project as well as a schedule of upcoming events. This project kicks off in September, often before the first Community Club meeting. However, new members can be accepted into the project as late as November, if necessary.

2009-2010 will be the fifth consecutive year of the Palomares Beef Project and each year has been better than the last. Our members are finding success in both showmanship and market classes and that just adds to the fun. Our project group is growing steadily but we certainly have room for a lot more members. If this sounds like fun, then we'd like to have you with us!

DOG PROJECT – Jeff Robbins, Leader 510-537-4655

The first part will be learning Dog health and grooming. This will be from October to the end of January, with members doing a health/grooming poster for fair by the end of January. The second part will be actually working with and training the dogs with 7 basic commands as outlined in the AKC Canine Good Citizenship program or the 4-H Judging Guidelines, whichever is going to be used for Showmanship at Fair. There will be Community Service available through Fourpaws of Alameda County. We will also have guest speakers coming in for dog grooming and training, and sometimes we will even go out to visit a vet. Members will need to purchase an activity book (approved by the National 4-H Council) at a cost of $4.00 per person to help with grooming, health and commands. All dogs must be currently licensed and shots up to date. NO AGRESSIVE DOGS ALLOWED. Age limit for members is from primary to senior members.

HORSE PROJECT - Leader Needed

POULTRY PROJECT–Colleen Marino, Leader

Learn about raising chicken in your backyard. Identification of breeds, diseases, proper feeding and anatomy. Possible embryology. You do not need to own chickens be in this project. We will also prepare members for chicken showmanship for the fair. Meetings to be announced.

RABBIT PROJECT – – Rabbit Leader, Cindy Silva,

We have two exciting Rabbit Project groups.

The beginner group is for kids over 5 years old. You do not have to own a rabbit to join, and you will learn about rabbit parts, breeds, cost of raising a rabbit, caring for a rabbit and much, much more. We meet once a month. In February or March, we participate in Small Animal Field Day in where 4-H’ers can show our rabbits to the public and answer questions. Our Rabbit Group has field trips to convalescent homes to share our rabbits with others who really appreciate them. We have visited area Rabbitries where rabbits are nurtured and raised. And of course the big event of the year is the Alameda County Fair where each member has many opportunities to exhibit their rabbit in judging based on what they’ve learned and how well they handle their rabbit.

The advanced group is for 8th grade or high school kids with a few years experience in the beginner group. They discuss more advanced topics relating to rabbits. Some of the kids in the advanced group work with the beginner group as teen and junior leaders. And of course, the advanced group provides leadership for all our activities, especially Small Animal Field Day, field trips, and the County Fair. Additionally, a necropsy will be performed and attendance is mandatory. There will be tutoring for the medalist programs.

Were looking forward to an exciting year ahead, hope you can join us!

SHEEP PROJECT - Steve Semonsen, Leader 510-888-1212, Nancy Valett, Leader

Learn about care and management of sheep in a fun and informative format. Prepare yourself and your lamb for showmanship and competitive exhibitions. This is a “hands” on project; members participate in each meeting and have the opportunity to experience a working sheep ranch. Members will also learn about lamb selection, daily care, feeding, grooming, cuts of meats, and anything else you have ever wanted to know about sheep. This project is primarily a market lamb project but members may raise animals for market or breeding. Parent participation is encouraged.


Swine project. Members will raise market animals for showing at the Alameda County Fair.


AIKIDO – more info to come

CAVIES – Abbie 4H

Jane Morehouse, Leader 510-351-1174 (message) annjane2@earthlink.net

Miriam Flock – Teen Leader 925-484-1942 nissanack@comcast.net

Learn about cavy care, cavy behavior, record keeping, proper nutrition, cavy breeds, cavy showmanship and other features normally associated with a large animal project…but with a small compact animal! This project is suitable for those with a single pet. Yes, you can have a pedigreed show animal or a crossbred guinea pig as a pet. You do not have to have a cavy to join. The initial meetings will cover qualities to look for in a cavy. First meeting in October.

FILM – more info to come


Jane Morehouse, Co-Leader 510-351-1174 (message) 510-427-0169 (cell)

Ann Morehouse, Co-Leader 510-351-4859 (annjane@hotmail.com )

A fun “horseless” horse-oriented project. You can collect and show your model horses! Includes Breyer, Peter Stone plastic models and ceramic figurine models. Learn about the global hobby of model horses; learn how to research breeds using the internet. Learn about rare and unusual horse breeds. Learn to re-paint and repair models. First meeting in October.

PUPPETRY – Sharon Clay (Dublin 4H), Leader 925-462-4518

Meet 2 to 3 times a month on weekends in Pleasanton. Will perform Puppetry approx. 10 times, as well as the Fair. Project members must commit to full 4H year. 9 years & up. Approx. cost $20.


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