The Horse Project

The 4-H horse project is wonderful and exciting!

The 4-H horse project is great because if you love horses it not only teaches you to respect a horse but also how to properly care for one. You do not need to own a horse to enjoy and participate in this project. It isn't all about riding, it's also about learning to take care of your horse.

We welcome kids who have never had experience with horses. The 4-H does host an end of the year horse show. All horse members can participate even with out a horse.

We have a wonderful horse leader -Joellen

  • Taking care of your horse

    Taking care of a horse is a lot of responsability. There are five basic points to taking care of a horse.

  • Feeding your horse
  • Exercising your horse
  • First aid
  • Grooming
  • Saddeling and Brideling
  • Feeding your horse effects the horses attitude and performance.What you use is very important, It could mean the diiference betweeen a healthy horse and an ill horse. This is one way to insure your horse is fit and ready to go for you. What type of feed you use depends on how much exercise your horse gets , what size your horse is , its genetics and the weather. You could use different feeds like grain and beet pulp. Your horse should get a daily supply of hay . There are different types of hay like alfalfa and grass hay. The type of hay you feed your horse also depends on how much weight your horse needs to gain (if any), how much energy you want your horse to have or just how much high fiber and nutirents you would like your horse to have.

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    Horse Events

    We just had Horse Field day at UCD on Saturday October 22. Our next meeting will be announced shortly.

    The benefits of having a horse

    Their are a lot of benefits of having a horse! First, being able to ride a horse is such an opportunity because you get to experience a wonderful animal and you get to have awesome memories. You learn so much by riding! You learn how to not only control your body but control your body in unicen with a huge animal! Riding a horse teaches balance and you do have to think . It is almost just as much thinking as working body parts. It's a wonderful sport to get into because you will be excersising a lot of different musceles and getting your body physically stronger .