The Rabbit Project

The past few years we have been very blessed to have two dedicated leaders to our Rabbit 4-H Project. Through them, we are able to break the group into a beginner group and an advanced group. The beginner group in supervised by a leader and is run by the present teen and junior leaders. The beginner group is a great way to start learning the basics of rabbits. Our advanced group is led by Lynn, a knowledgeable French and English Lop breeder. Lynn has pushed the advanced to expand there knowledge of rabbits, from diseases, to care and management of rabbits, she will teach it all.

It is not required to have a bunny to be in our group. If you are looking for a rabbit we can also help you search for one. We are always willing and excited to have new members join. Our group is very mellow and low key. Not only do we learn, we also have fun while doing it. We have games for the rabbit parts, rabbit breeds, and much more! We hope you would consider looking into our rabbit group as a fun relaxed activity.

Should You Get a Bunny?

Having an animal is a huge responsiblity! They have to be feed everyday and have their cages cleaned. However, having a rabbit is very rewarding. They can be love able creatures especailly if you take the time to properly care for them. This page will give you a guide line of what having a rabbit would involve. You need to have a place to take care of it and the time to do so. I surely recommed that you getn a rabbit but to think long and hard about having one join your family. Rabbits are a great addition to the home and have greatly changed my life.

A Bunnies Home Sweet Home

The most important thing you can give your rabbits is a good enviroment. This includes water, food, and a shelter. Following all that we tell you will insure your rabbits to show off his best natural qualities

Water is the single most important ingredient to a rabbits nutrition. It should always be offered in a rabbit water bottle or in a clean bowl. Remember if you will not drink it neither will your rabbit!

When feeding a rabbit is is necessary that their diet fulfills all the requirements for basic nutrition. Many rabbit owners feed a type of pellets because it ensures a complete balance for your rabbit. The rabbits needs its feed to be about 14% protein and not much more. Fiber is also necessary and the pellets should contain at least 18% if not more.

A rabbit should be housed in a cage or hutch and needs to be sheltered from extreme heat or excessive cool temperatures and wind. A bunny is happiest at 60-70 degree heat. Bunnies can be trained to be loose in the house ,however we do not recomend it becaue rabbits will chew on electric/phone cords and may hurt or kill itself. If a rabbit is in a cage with wire footing a title needs to be place in the cage. Thw wire can wear away the fur and skin on their feets and can cause the rabbit to bleed if not take care of. Shavings should be placed under neath the cage. stay away from pine shaving they can cause tumors in the rabbit. Aspen is a great choice!

Showing at the Fair

Alhtough gaining knowledge is the primary focus of the Palomares 4-H Rabbit Group, we also like to put our knowledge, skills and bunnies to the test at shows! We work all year to compete at the Alameda County Fair and even though wining is not our goal we sure are proud of those who do!

The first event that Palomares enters in is called "The Rabbit Bowl" This is a quiz bowl style event that tests the knowledge of 4-Hers aginst another team. This year we had one team made up up three girls: Rebecca, Jenny, Amanda. These girls had studied hard and when game time came they passed through the first round. However the second round was much more challenging and they ended up losing by two points! The group was still proud of themsleves and are eager to do it again next year!

The second day of the fair Palomares

The second day of the "rabbit week" at the fair all rabbits are put on the judges table to be compares to the Standard Of Perfection which is a book which sets the standard type for every individual breed. Rabbits are called to the table by breed and are placed. Palomes 4-H places well this year wiht many winning the top award in their breed division, called Best of Breed.

The third event and maany of the kids favorite is called showmanship. You do not need the rabbits in the best in this event because it is the shower who is being judged. The 4-H must go throught a 'vet check' with their rabbit infront of the judge. The judge is talling to make sure that the 4-Her is checking every part of the rabbit. At the end the judge will ask questions about the rabbit and the shower must answer the question by repetaing the question before they answer. People ssys that is the most difficlut part of showmanship!S