Welcome to the Web Design Project

The Website project proudly developed and created the www.palomares4h.org website from scratch. The project team learned how to create, collaborate and grow as an organization during the development process. The team learned how to not only create web sites but also how to maintain them.

What We Learn in Web Design

The web design group was educated on the latest programming scripts that can be used in social media, work and personal life.

The group first learned the basics of web making such as HTML. Progressively they moved onto exploring codes such as CSS, PHP and ISS. Once they figured out what we want our website to look like they wrote it out using these codes on something called notepad. Once we have it all on notepad we make our websites come to life. The wonderful thing about notepad is that they could go back and fix anything they wanted.

Our Sponsor and Useful Links

In order for the Palomares 4-H club to have a website we depend on contributions and support in order to have a website accessable to the public.

We would like to thank www.fivepaths.com for donating server space to host our website.

Website Resource Links:

  • www.w3schools.com
  • www.htmlplayground.com